Day 3(ish) – snakes, King David, to the 3 Kings (and some other visceral things)

I took a few days (a week) off because life y’all – it’s real and gritty but I’m back with a plan of action to get my Bible time in before my first meal.

Ah Day 3 and the tale of the 3 banishments that rocked our world

Before we go in here’s what I read

Genesis 3
Psalm 3
Matthew 2

For those that aren’t biblical scholars and are normal people (like me) – in chronological order – Eden, complaining of enemies that God will come to the rescue, and the Magi meaning the Holy Family has peaced out and these dudes (astrologers maybe?). These all tie in with one another though because we have Eve with the punishment of hard labor to Mary delivering our King.

So let’s go to the Garden of Eden y’all and Genesis 3. For you flat earthers around maybe stop reading (not quite sure how you found me anyways). This is always a fun one because I picture a velociraptor popping up in the garden tempting Eve with picking the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. I always have a bit of an issue – was it really an apple? Basically that’s it. But no, this seriously odd dinosaur that talks continues to pester her with the same focus that my 7 year old does when asking for something. So we know – she eats the fruit and boom we are supposed to hate snakes forever also they get their feet removed so no more dinosaurs (is this the Biblical version of how dinosaurs started to go extinct because this is kind of interesting that it was from an apple), women also now have HORRIBLE childbirths , and man – well men you better work because God just won’t let you skate by anymore. There’s a lot of depth I’m missing here but it’s 9:30 pm.

Oh, and he banishes us from Eden and basically says that we will always be searching for truth rather than trusting him who is the truth. This is some deep stuff because I have major trust issues (Enneagram 6 y’all).

Psalm 3

Whoever wrote this (one of the psalmists) really just wants to quiet his hatters up. he asks for an end of their talking “For you strike the cheekbone of all my foes; you break the teeth of the wicked.” I mean – that’s pretty hardcore. I usually just wish they get pimple or something. the way I like to summarize this one though is that we can sleep well knowing that God will take care of our problems that we present to him, we must present them first though.

Matthew 2

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph in exile. The magi showed up to Jerusalem asking where the newborn king of the Jews were because they saw his star (Oh Jesus the Capricorn – JK y’all don’t kill me). Herod got real annoyed that someone (3 someones) traveled afar to do a new King homage and freaked out about where the Messiah had been born. These kings back then had a real issue with someone else having the spotlight. When the magi took off they went with a message from Herod but they knew better. They found the Holy Family, gave their crazy presents of frankincense, myrrh, and gold, and ended up going another route that the ancient Waze told them to go.

After they took back off, sweet Joseph was told in a dream to take Jesus and his mother to Egypt. Herod was coming and they needed to lave right away where they stayed in Egypt until Herod died. Before he did so though, Herod realized he got played by the magi and killed all the baby boys in Bethlehem 2 and under because he was not a stable man. I get really moved by reading

“Rachel weeping for her children,
and she would not be consoled,
since they were no more.

my heart y’all.

When Herod died, an angel came again to Herod and told him to go back to Israel where they ended up going to Nazareth and fulfilled a prophecy that Jesus would be called a Nazorean.


Alright – that’s all I got for today. See y’all tomorrow.



Day 2 (ish) – The Garden of Eden, behave royals, and the main man – Jesus

Well isn’t this appropriate – I misbehaved and just plum ran out of time.

Let’s get to it because it’s 8:45 PM and I have grumpy kids ready to go to bed but I promised you my beloved readers a post a day and I’ve failed much like the first couple of humanity – Adam and Eve. This is where we are today in what I’ve read (Genesis 2, Psalm 2, and Matthew 1: 18 – 25).

Let’s dive in, shall we?

Genesis 2 – God created *the* garden, not just any garden but the one that began it all for humanity. I’ve always had a bit of a love for this story because it shows our humanity in that we have literally been messing things up since Day well, 8 because He (God) rested on Day 7. So day 8 he does this amazing thing where he sees the water welling up and divides up the lands into parts from four rivers that still exist today. Y’all, this is God being wild. I got my degree with a focus on Arab History and this story sparked it all. It’s literally a “story” so chill. In my Bible it’s titled “The Story of Nations” and begins on 2:4 with “This is the story.”

I love to read footnotes from biblical scholars because I love history and context and we weren’t there at this beginning but we can read tiny letters at night to strain our eyes and believe that we were. God separates up the four branches of this initial spring and names the first river Pishon (there’s gold in the land of Havilah which is where this feeds in to – if you know anything about Arab history or history period gold is king), then there’s Gihon (feeds into Cush – yes that Cush/Kush that you probably heard about), just the Tigris, and maybe you’ve heard of the last one that is mentioned but the Euphrates (I’m being sarcastic here I hope you’ve heard of this river along with the Tigris). This is where I just geek out. I’m married to a Syrian and I love this part of his heritage, the land of the cradle of civilization (I would drop a Chappelle Show .gif here but it’s super inappropriate with cuss words).

This. is. it. I mean yes. This is also where man was formed and woman came from his rib. Cool story but *newsflash* I’m a super big believer in evolution and I love this story because it makes me feel better about myself for losing my ever loving mind every day. We ate from that dang tree and now I lose my s*** on my kids. Thanks Eve. Thanks.

I also noticed a footnote with that man was never meant to have dominion over the garden of Eden. Its intent was a playground for God. This is something I’ve never really thought of and for me being the ultra conservationist realized we are literally destroying His playground every single day and it makes me angry y’all.

Last little bit about this chapter because I could write here all day, “The man and his wife were both naked, yet they felt no shame.” That’s love y’all. I don’t know about y’all but I feel shame a lot and it’s beautiful to think of the union between God and Mother Mary – she felt no shame with God. She was spiritually naked and gave her all to Him.

Psalm 2 My favorite part of this Psalm is that it lyrically smacks misbehaving royals in the face. And many MANY royals misbehave *cough*HENRY 8TH*cough*. I dive in and realize it does not matter what earthly kings say and do to conspire against God for his law is the only one that covers all the bases. I’m a recovering politico – I used to get real fired up, and still do for things that I really care about, over things to the point that they would ruin relationships with me. Now, like Beyonce says the best revenge is your paper and I use that paper (my voice) to channel that inner fierceness.

Psalm 2:8 “Ask it of me, and I will give you the nations as your inheritance, and , as your possessions, the ends of the earth.” So let’s look at that first part – ask it of me. When’s the last time that you just put things in God’s hands? Like literally just left it at His feet? For me it was today because my daughter is stressing the ever living daylights out of me. Work has me all sorts of stressed. Life has me all sorts of bonkers. But I leave it to me. And – “Accept correction.” Babe, you have to be open to when things just don’t go the way you wanted. It HAPPENS.

Matthew 1: 18-25

(sidenote: husband just got home and is giving me the “why are you still up” look so this will be FAST)

It’s your BIRTH STORY JESUS!!! Matthew, you just cut to the dang chase don’t you? Real quick – Mary was with this dude named Joseph and she was going to get married to him but she was pregnant by the Holy Spirit. Joseph wasn’t down with that so he debated on leaving her. An angel came to him in his sleep and said, “nah baby it ain’t even like that. Marry Mary. She’s good. Just name the boy Jesus because he will save his followers one day.” and boom – he woke up and he took Mary into his home. My bible points out that “He had no relations with her until she bore a son and he named him Jesus” and in the footnotes recalled “until she bore a son” which does not imply normal marital conduct after Jesus’ birth, nor does it exclude it. Mind freaking blown y’all and you can debate this because I’m still shook – I was told my whole life they never had marital relations and I went to Catholic School.

So there you go. I’ll be back tomorrow at like noon hopefully because tomorrow is my CRAZY day. It’s 9:13 PM here in San Antonio. I hope you enjoyed this. Until tomorrow and the Magi be visiting y’all – BRING ON THE ROSCA DE REYES!


You either know or you don’t…


– or #GiveItAYear (Biblical Version)

Heyyyy everyone, it’s been a hot minute and I’m currently taking in the sights and sounds at my public library while my children peruse the bookshelves.

So 2019 amiright? It really was a doozy and I sat back and really thought about what all happened. I’ve put up some major boundaries that needed to get established, I cried a little (lot), found out I’m an enneagram 6 (this is a thing), and recognized that some things were just left in that decade. (Don’t fight me on the end of the decade or not – Amazon Alexa told me it was the end of the decade and she delivers toilet paper to my door).

I knew I wanted to get back into blogging/writing. I used to be a really strong writer and at one point wanted to make a career out of it. Much like any skill – you must hone your craft and keep up with it or it will just go poof. So here I am, relearning my skill of getting you all entertained with my anecdotes and quest to juggle all the things as a people pleaser.

I also reached out to an Instagram acquaintance from afar as I fell in love with her writing that I caught on to through a Catholic women’s ministry we once were part of. She told me about her quest to read the Bible and Catechism in a year and blog about it. I let her in that I would like to join her on this quest as I normally teeter off around day 4/5 of reading the Bible challenges. (btw, if you want to find her she’s at and she’s amazing).

Like her, I walk the tightrope as a Catholic and a social liberal. I have a hard time adjusting to social issues like LGBTQIA+ & the pro-choice movement. I’m a sexual assault survivor and at one time I did not have health insurance so Planned Parenthood was my health care provider for a number of years. This is not a space to debate with me because this is just my corner of the universe, take that to Facebook or Twitter. So I’m a Jesuit leaning Catholic. Hey man, if it’s good enough for Pope Francis it’s good enough for me.

So back to the Bible in a year (quality journalism you’ll find in this space and if you want to keep pace with us, we are using this plan).

I’m taking Brigid up on her offer and she may be the only person that reads this so hey girl.

I took off to Adoration to clear my thoughts and to dive deep into the Bible for a few minutes except I forgot my physical copy and thank God I have an iOS app that has the Catholic Bible. I felt the eyes of the fellow adoration participants for a bit but I was reading God’s word, not emails.

Genesis 1 – Oh yes, “In the beginning”. Beautiful words. Everything needs a beginning to go. There is no fluff here it’s just straight to the punch, kind of like God. As I sat with each line and just visualized everything as God was creating it, the dark and the light, the dome of the sky with her beautiful stars and sun/moon combo; I noticed something at the  end of every day, “and God saw that it was good,” or some rendition of that. Every single day ended with God sitting back, being omnipotent and all and saying, “that was good.”

How often do we do this? How often do we sit back with gratitude and think, “that was good,” even on the bad days? God knows things would take a turn because that’s God y’all. When was the last time you said, “On the 6th day of January 2020 I wrote an email to someone I have been putting off and it was good?” I know that we all are super busy and we don’t sit and acknowledge the goodness in what we currently have. I have friends whose children are dealing with life threatening diseases or people that are held in detention centers but we in the land of plenty, literally over abundance that we have podcasts and books on how to declutter, but we complain about what we don’t have. So here I am – on the 6th day of January 2020 saying, “I had a showing for a commercial property that I listed today and it was good.” Also because I really believe in the little things, “I made myself a cup of coffee today and it was good.” Even just reveling in the little things or when we have a complete white space day period because we all know what God did on the 7th day – he rested (more on that tomorrow).

So let’s hit up Psalms 1 – “but his delight is in the law of the Lord, and on his law he meditates day and night,” wow y’all – so the Psalmists always know how to pack a punch in the most poetic of ways. But really – to follow this up with “He is like a tree planted by streams of water that yields its fruit in its season, and its leaf does not wither.”

The Psalmist is literally telling us that a just person does not grow impatient but grows as a tree does. It does not grow angry or throws a fit when things don’t go its way but everything has a scheduled time. Have y’all ever eaten funky fruit that’s not quite ready? You know that was picked early right? OR when you eat too ripe of fruit. So here’s my very odd way of saying, you’re sitting on your fruits right now – your talents. You’re honing them, sitting next to the river with water. Stay focused. Stay aware. Stay woke (are kids still saying this?).

Which brings us to Matthew 1:1-17 the before there was of Jesus from Adam – 28 generations to Jesus. I’m a huge history buff so I geek out over this and all I could focus on were the 5 women that are mentioned – Tamar, Rahab, Ruth, Uriah, and our Mother Mary. Being the feminist that I am I just went over and over the women that are here – what a power punch of women they are. Ruth alone is why I’m such a big feminist. She took charge of her own life and took care of her mother in law when both were widowed. My favorite thing about these verses are to remind us of the humanity that is Jesus. He came from a long line of hard working men. As a proud Mexican American I get told that the people coming from my ancestral home are rapists and murders when I know that’s farthest from the truth. But I’m not going to lie, I know that my great grandfathers left their sons to be orphaned. My grandfathers worked tirelessly to achieve good things for their families and a comfortable living.


I wish I could write more but more caffeine and piano practice date with my kids is calling. Until tomorrow. Thanks for reading!

For the love of the Bullet Journal

Ryder Caroll, you crazy mastermind you. If you’re not familiar with the Bullet Journal, be prepared to go down a YouTube rabbit hole and if you get even more nuts, you’ll just head on over to instagram to look up #bujo #bulletjournal and then you’ll be spending your Sundays drawing out templates that you find from creative YouTubers that vaguely look like the creations they’ve made. No? Is this just me?

I heard about the bullet journal from a friend of mine and then a family member mentioned it on her page. What do you mean I just need a journal and a pen? Not just any journal apparently, a dotted one, or one with grids, or maybe you could use a lined one. Really, it all became too much until I put it into practice to figure out which technique I liked the most. Listen, I’m a busy mom of two and I have the hardest time focusing on projects and goals that we’ve all agreed to. I needed something that I’d actually use. Yes, I could have used the massive planners that have beautiful drawings and calligraphy on it with all of the bells and whistles when really, I just needed something that could categorize and a space where I can brain dump. Enter the Bullet Journal technique. I’m a rabid connoisseur of all things visual learning and quickly dove into what I needed to know about this radical way of documenting my days, then went off to (you know the site, should I link it still?) to purchase all things stationary. 

Off I went, making gridlines and figuring out what/how to make the months happen.

The first week went off great. But here’s the thing, with all agendas, the best one is one that you’ll actually use. I dove into this system during the summer when all hell broke loose (aka summer at home with two kids under 7).

So let’s just get the cons over with

  • Unlike most other forms of agendas, you will have to physically write out the month/weeks/days. If you really don’t like this or don’t like your handwriting, invest in a label maker, I’ve seen this work beautifully.
  • All of the designs. I seriously became frustrated with how I would layout my bullet journal every month to the point that I couldn’t figure out how to organize all of the things.
  • You actually have to use it in order for it to be effective. Like any other agenda, you will have to put pen to paper (see more in pros though).
  • You must take it with you everywhere (could be a great thing though see more in pros).


Pros (let’s end positively)

  • You design the layout you want. You design the “spread” that you will use. If you don’t like it, guess what? You don’t have to stick with it for twelve months. You can add pages as you see fit.
  • Flexibility. So much flexibility. I’m a lover of nostalgia and analyzing data – I geek out over systems and figuring out what works and what doesn’t.
  • The weight y’all – THE WEIGHT. I do not want to work out in order to carry my journal.
  • Brain dump time. I have all of the thoughts and ideas, projects, all of the things in my beautiful head, so do you. everything is easier for me to compartmentalize and organize when it’s on paper.
  • If you choose to, you can color coordinate but that just distracts my pretty brain even more and makes me do more work.
  • Ability to add in goals where I see fit.

And there you go. Are you a Bullet Journal fan? I’ll be using mine more for my next Whole30 round starting September 3rd along with planning out projects for my businesses.

Guess Who’s Back… Back Again…

Whole30. And myself. Hey there friends. It’s been a wild 7-8 months. I really cannot remember the last time I updated this beautiful blog but mothers man, mothers we deal with it ALL.

Long story short – I’m no longer a vegan. I had been dealing with some really gnarly gut issues and that insane amount of gluten that was hitting my gut even though I was trying to get away from the mass amounts of gluten (via pasta, bread, etc.), I inadvertently became a carb-oholic. I just couldn’t break free from the hold and I was firm in my belief that I needed these things in my life because I was not eating anything but vegetables, fruits, and legumes. In essence, the things I was told were healthy. This post is by no means a diss on the vegan lifestyle. If you’re here thinking that I’m the anti-vegite, you’re mistaken. You have to find out what works for you. I’m a scientist by trade (definitely not profession) and wanted to work on the best experiment, myself. 

Here’s I guess how it all started. Summer 2017 I was fed up with being diagnosed with my 7th sinus infection in 6 months. I suffered through three half marathons with them and I knew enough was enough. Around this time I was also told that I had low thyroid and vitamin D by my OB/GYN during my annual. Rather than be put on thyroid medication I opted for a second opinion – where I was roped in to take a food sensitivity test (rather than the elimination diet that was also offered).

The Day The Results Came In

With bright red under severe sensitivities (4+ on a scale of 1-4) – gluten, yeast. Is this for real? I thought gluten sensitivities were made up in the world of CrossFit and a giant marketing game from the Beef industry. But there, in red and white, was proof. Could this have been my smoking gun in my gut why I was sick for nearly a year? I was explained that my thyroid was functioning normally but my adrenals were shot. I was training for my first marathon which would have been ample reason why I was so drained. 

I left the office with the paperwork and the orders to stop consuming gluten. Yeah right. I want another opinion. What would a naturopath (and O.D.) know? Off I went to my allergist who again confirmed my tests only with a bit more severity and that I should really consult a gastroenterologist to get me a better diagnosis if I had celiac. Those tests came back inconclusive. It may be too early to diagnose celiac but if I do notice that it is giving me problems, I should probably stay away from it. I had my ticket to eat cornbread! Except it completely backfired and I ended up incredibly sick during Thanksgiving.

Okay, I’ll give you up

I knew it was time. I knew it was time to say goodbye and I had completed a few rounds of Whole30 before. I knew what I was getting myself into. I’d like to say I went slow and steady when I incorporated animal protein but I didn’t I went head on. I found the hardest thing for me to let go of was the sugar dragon. Yes, the stevia. 

Well, that was back in May 2018 and we are now here in August 2018 and I’m on my 5th Whole30 Round right now – about 16 days in. I am on my way to Food Freedom and I’d love to say this is my final Round but I don’t believe it is. I’ll probably do a post on the lingo soon but for now, I’ll enjoy my chamomile tea as it’s almost 10:30 pm and I have an early morning.

The Final Count Down… (guitar solo)

In two weeks, all the work will be done, the four months of training will be over, and I will (hopefully) have a few new pieces of hardware to add to my hook of races I’ve completed. I get told a lot, “I don’t know how you run,” “You’re crazy to be training for a marathon,” and other pleasantries. The thing is, it hasn’t been so easy. These last few weeks have been the most trying professionally, personally, and mentally.

I sat on my Facebook page looking at photos of me thanks to the “On This Day” feature and I have to do a double take. The girl staring back at me is emotionally completely different and, yes, physically I have morphed. This has never been about weight loss though. In fact, I’ve gained a few pounds since the journey began but that’s a complete different thing. It’s always been about completing something that I set out to do.

A year ago, I jokingly sent a text to my husband’s best friend Justin saying, “Hey look! Marathon sign up!” He was quick to respond back with a screen shot of a receipt that he in fact signed up. We are both those people who don’t need a lot of convincing to agree to an event. We also are the last people you would have expected to be runners. In December 2016, I walked in to the San Antonio Rock ‘n Roll Expo and felt the tinge of nerves around the registration for 2017 kiosk. My future was set. December 3, 2017 I had a playdate set with Justin and we were going to do this.


We’ve had little milestones along the way, we ran Dallas Rock ‘n Roll together. We have become plant based together, saying Justin is a vegan is definitely something his wife and I never believed would happen (he used to joke that he never ate anything green). We bought Garmins simultaneously. We have exchanged race times and have been hyper competitive in long runs (dude is at 10 minute miles while I’m trucking along at 13).

December 3rd, we will run/walk/crawl across a finish line both of us have worked so hard for and are so thankful for the friends who have cheered us on this last year. I am full of gratitude to have Justin and his amazing wife be part of this journey.

This is all to say, don’t ever doubt yourself. Embrace the failures, there are always failures. Celebrate them. Winning all the time would get boring and failure is where growth happens. Failure is where you learn the true test of self. Failure is where the heart is. I’ll get a bit Jesusy on you – He knows we fail every day. He loves us more and more. This is why The Beatitudes embrace those who struggle – there’s room for growth. And to quote Missy Elliot, “Just make sure you’re ahead of the game.”


For now, I have a 15 mile race tomorrow! Last long run before the Marathon.

Who do you show up for?

The most humbling experience, until the next one happens. This is how I’ve approached the marathon training and pretty much life. Ready for the cliché moments? Training for a marathon has helped me more than the physical aspects; I’ve seen the growth more in my professional and personal lives than anywhere else.

You see, when you are out for a long run at 12-20 miles and you know that you need to get it done, no matter how fast or slow (speed is relative), you need to get the mileage down because that’s what will help you prepare for the race that you have coming up. You have to get everything ready and guess what? Caca happens, straight up s*h*i*t just like l-i-f-e. It just does. Just like when your five year old doesn’t want to put shoes on for the 3rd time you’ve begged yelled, you’re going to find that frustration in your runs. It’s inevitable. Sorry, sunshine.

This all came about because I had a crappy half marathon on Saturday. I was warned how difficult it was, I knew that it was going to hurt. I knew that I could do it. I set a goal of 2:30, which was going to be a great time for me. And then the race started and the first hill came and I thought, “Well… NOPE.” When I came up to 2:30 and I saw that I still had two more miles to grind through. So I finished it, at 2:56 I completed by 10th half marathon. And guess what, I did this for me. That’s who I’m ultimately running for in this journey. I’m running for all of the doubts. I’m running for all of the times I fought running. I’m running for all of the times that I loved this sport. And that’s how I want to wake up every morning. I am doing this for me.

When you show up for yourself, you are giving the world such a wonderful gift of uniquely you. That’s why it doesn’t matter what the next person is doing, you run your race of life, get those blinders on, and show up for yourself. When I run/walk/crawl across the finish line on December 3rd, I’m not going to end up with a contract with a professional organization. I’m not going to have sponsors from athletic wear (although I’m here to be your muse/model at 5’1” and 154 lbs.!). I will finish it dammit, I will finish it for all of the times I said I couldn’t do something.

– Melanie (and I didn’t get any tacos after the half, I had to rush to my daughter’s soccer game)

Training for the next week:

16 miles today

Friday – Joyride  – come ride with me some time.

Saturday – 4 miles

Sunday – 7 miles

Tuesday – 5 miles

Thursday – 5 miles

Saturday… 120 min warm up  – 3 x 5 min at 11:09 pace with 5 min recovery between, 30 min cool down

The Best Run is a Taco Run


So I’ve been quiet but today is National Taco Day so here I am! Training has been, well…not done outside because I’m a bit terrified. My runs have been sequestered to a *gasp* treadmill.

(I took out a segment on some health issues and will update y’all on Friday with some results)

A few weeks ago I hit a roadblock about 1/3 of the way into a 10 mile race. I overheated, I wanted to tap out. I was done, more than done. It wasn’t the prettiest ten miles and I truly hope that I don’t have another race like that again. I had thoughts of giving up go through my head. I just didn’t think I could go a step further when I felt something come inside of me around mile 8, I. just kept at it. I cried, physical tears coming out of my body as I pushed through. It was a slow 10 miles but I finished. After I saw my family at the finish line, hugged it out with them and continued on to my car and we celebrated with pizza, I texted my coach and friends of my running community along the way. There were words of doubt, words of despair against myself but through it I had friends tell me that I will do this thing that I put my mind towards.

Five years ago, you would never have caught me running a marathon, maybe a 5K but not a marathon. I’ve had a couple of health issues come up recently that I will update you all on in a few days and being a badass in the tech world along with launching a new company is taking its obvious toll on my schedule but I’m here, posting the miles/time. Yoga is now becoming a fixture in my life and I miss the heck out of weight lifting but December 3rd will be here faster than we know.


Up for the rest of the week:

Thursday – 45 minute run & yoga at night

Friday – yoga

Saturday – 30 min warm up (13 min/mi); 2 x 30 min at 11:56 pace with 5:00 min recovery between followed by 45 min cool down; yoga at night

Sunday – easy 4 mi; yoga


Enjoy your National Taco Day because I know I am!IMG_0581

Redefine Strength

strength quoteIf there is anything training for a marathon has taught me there’s this mantra that I was slapped sideways with: redefine strength. What does that even mean? Strength is obscenely subjective. I remember growing up definitely not being a typical size and having to get clothes from the Misses section. I couldn’t shop from the trendy stores like 5-7-9 (no longer in existence, kids) like my friends and I definitely couldn’t purchase clothing from a certain alphabet store that boasted washboard abs on their bags. Nope, that wasn’t me. I allowed it to eat away at my psyche that fifteen years later I’m now writing about it praying that I can give my children the emotional intelligence to know that a size does not define them, nor does a number on a scale.

If you Google search ‘redefine strength’ you will find yourself pouring through over 3 million hits of the search. You’ll find workouts, emotional blog posts, personal trainers telling you they want to change your physique. And honestly, they’re all kind of bs. Only you can define what strength is. Is strength being able to throw 500 lbs. over your head in a clean and press? Is strength being able to run 0.25 mile in under 10 minutes? Is strength being able to get out of bed in the morning and put on a smile for the world when your whole body and soul hurt? We need to stop giving numbers out as a goal.

My ideal strength is different from yours and this is ok. We need to celebrate strength wherever we can and really congratulate one another on the little victories that we achieve.

malala cover

So guess what? You’re strong. I’m strong. We are all friggin’ strong. Get on out there, scare the s*** out of the world with your strength because your strength will ignite others. So I leave you with Malala Yousafzai because she’s the strongest of strong and you know it. If you haven’t guessed – my mantra for the marathon will be redefine strength because my body can do things that I never thought possible. I want to hug that little girl who used to cry in the dressing room and say, “Girl, do you. God will fix things just right.”

Hurricane Harvey Update and How You Can Help


We’re here in the throws of a hurricane and we’ve been very fortunate in NW San Antonio to not see much of Mother Nature. We sit here peeled to various screens where we can’t take our eyes away from devastation occurring to our neighbors to the south and east of us – places many of us go to for vacation throughout the year and make memories with our loved ones. This morning I was in constant contact with my family and friends in Houston, I just couldn’t believe the scenes flashing by the screen.


Going to Mass today reminded me of one thing – no matter what small moves we make, we can move mountains and make waves together (no pun intended). When Jesus gave Saint Peter (Simon at the time of anointment) the keys to His Church and said on this rock he will build his church, he meant it and what a church St. Peter built. No matter if you are a believer, you are still a human and a brother & sister to me. There is no ID check in safety, we are just met with love and at the end of everything we will only have love to survive on.

Riding Out The Storm

Literally while I was writing this post

We, as humans, are now given an opportunity – do we continue to watch reruns of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or do we roll up our sleeves with the keys He has given each of us and help our fellow neighbors. I choose the sleeves. I choose showing my children, the next generation of humans/Catholics/Texans that this is what we do – we help. We build a kingdom together.


These are a few of the organizations organizing donations for relief services:


Junior League of San Antonio

San Antonio Food Bank

American Red Cross serving Greater San Antonio

“Whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven;
and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.
Then he strictly ordered his disciples
to tell no one that he was the Christ.”